Projects in Ta Phin Vietnam

Vietnam 2014

Posted on 06.23.2016

Another display of Gods love and grace was found in this years trip to Vietnam. Our team of seven people along with the support of GVI, Global Ventures Inc., held a teachers' conference for close to 100 Northern Vietnamese teachers. They have requested this every yearend at their request we taught topics which included public speaking, teaching through games, and classroom management/groups. It was an amazing experience to know they will take the information back to their school and village to teach others. Just think of the impact we can have on the their future. We also helped paint the newly constructed dorm that will accommodate a record number of students this year. Relationships were strengthened and new ones formed. Incredible, heart warming changes are evident in this small village through the support of generous sponsors. plans for 2015 are already in the making and we look forward to what's in store.


AidNow raised the funds to build a new fence at the Middle School Hard Work but so Rewarding! Fence under construction Sapa Vietnam

Here’s a great pic of Monica, our Vice President along with her translator, Bic Hoang.