Jumpstart 2017

Posted on 08.23.2010
This year was our 7th Annual JumpStart event at Corporate Landing Middle School. With the help and generosity of hundreds of volunteers, churches and sponsors we were able to serve almost 600 students!!  In October 2016, Hurricane Matthew came unexpectedly and left many families displaced from their homes and losing their belongings.  There were a record number of families in need of assistance with VBCPS and we worked into the winter months assisting with coats and supplies for those families. 
Right before our event this year, we received a message from a family that reminded us why we are doing what we do.  The subject said "Thank you" and the message read " Last year my family was homeless and our school counselor got us hooked up with you and it made all the difference. This year we are a little better off. I wanted to say thank you. The kindness and support that was shown last year has never left us!"